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NAME: Alex
CONTACT: [ profile] novaphase / AIM: pandoricker

NAME: Ken Kaneki (金木 研)
CANON: Tokyo Ghoul
AGE: 19 years
APPEARANCE: Here. His hair was previously black, but went white due to prolonged exposure to physical and psychological torture (a la Marie Antoinette syndrome). He’s roughly 5’7” and weighs around 130 lbs.
CANON POINT: End of chapter 140
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How am I doing? Do you see any issues with my characterization? Too much human? Please let me know!

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● concluded thread thread in progress inactive thread/handwaved conclusion

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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

■ NAME & ID CODE: Kaneki Ken (NHD-A10-KNK-993)
■ CANON: Tokyo Ghoul, post-Chapter 140
■ AGE: 19 years 20 years
■ CURRENT TEAM & STATUS: Yellow. Physically and mentally healthy
■ LANGUAGE: Spoken & written Japanese, some written English, little spoken English
■ INVENTORY: Addendum.
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Possible, but he's a socially-inept baby, so don't expect too much in return. He will also likely request personal space in the future (for your character's own safety, generally).
■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Kaneki would most likely respond to physical violence with avoidance or combat only so far as to physically disarm or incapacitate his opponent. He prefers to avoid killing when it isn't necessary. He is currently unwilling to die for anyone in the game, though he would kill to protect a character of the game he would perceive to be in danger of losing their life. He most likely would be willing to mutilate a dead recruit's body because, eh, he's accustomed to eating them, so that's not particularly strange for him.
■ RELATIONSHIPS: He's hilariously inept. Good luck.
■ MENTAL INFORMATION: Oh, god. Way too much. Kaneki suffers from acute fear of loss since the death of his mother—the thought of losing anyone dear to him, so that he might end up one day alone, is so paralyzing to him that he has murdered (bare minimum of 50-60 ghouls, though potentially many more), maimed, and mutilated in order to protect those he cares for. He also has a severe dichotomy of character, his gentler, more human self being constantly at war with his ghoul self—a ghoul self which often talks to him directly through projections of ghouls such as Rize and Yamori. These types of hallucinations are apparently "not surprising" to him anymore. He also fears for his loss of humanity, his loss of morality, through everything he's done—he fears it has taken him too far away from his path, far enough that he wouldn't be able to return. He fears he might become the monster he's set out to protect his friends from.
■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: As an artificial half-ghoul, Kaneki has nearly all of the same characteristics of a human. When it comes to eating and hunger, however, he eats far less often than a human. The average is roughly one human corpse (~60kg) a month. Hunger for ghouls is excruciating, however, often driving them to madness and attacking whoever is near them in order to satiate it. Kaneki is physically impervious to typical bladed weapons and highly resistant to standard firearms, though CDC weapons are effective at stopping his regeneration.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Anything threatening towards any people he has decided to protect will cause him to respond with violence.
■ REBELLIOUS TENDENCIES: As long as the CDC is protecting the people he has asked them to, Kaneki is not considering rebelling against them.
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PLAYER: Alex
■ PREFERRED CONTACT: [ profile] novaphase, AIM: pandoricker
■ BACKTAGGING: I will backtag until you tell me to stop, pretty much.
■ THREADHOPPING: If a thread is particularly advanced, please ask beforehand, but otherwise perfectly fine!
■ FOURTHWALLING: Preferably not.
■ ACTION VS PROSE: I tend towards prose, but this game has me writing in action more, so...
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Please warn for any detailed descriptions or images of eye trauma (physical harm of or relating to the eye), please and thank you.
■ YES/NO SCENARIOS: Character death and sexualized violence/rape are really the only hard "no" subjects that I can think of, currently.

■ ANYTHING ELSE? Not that I can think of!
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1. The portrayal of this character might contain references to the following types of content: intense blood and gore, body horror, eye horror, eye trauma, physical and psychological torture, and cannibalism. Should any of these types of contents be triggering to you, please let me know and I will make it my top priority to be careful with these subjects in any interactions with your character.

2. Tokyo Ghoul is a manga which has reached its conclusion (for the part I took Kaneki from). I will be making reference to occurrences throughout the entirety of the canon. If you would wish to preserve yourself from series spoilers, please post here and I will be sure to keep them out of the tags between our characters. Please note that the anime, Tokyo Ghoul √A, has a different continuity and that my Kaneki is specifically from the manga universe.
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Handle: Alex
Contact: [ profile] novaphase; AIM: pandoricker
Are You Over 16: Yes
Other Characters Played in Consignment: Kino [personal profile] onlyatraveler

Character Name: Kaneki Ken (金木 研)
Canon: Tokyo Ghoul, end of Chapter 140
Character Appearance: Here. His hair was previously black, but went white due to prolonged exposure to physical and psychological torture (in a kind of Marie Antoinette syndrome kind of way). He’s a little over 5’6” and weighs around 130 lbs., most of which is muscle.
Character Age: 19 years
Pick A Number: 993, 573

CONTENT WARNING!! Tokyo Ghoul is a very graphic canon. This application and the portrayal of this character will contain reference to: blood, gore, body horror, eye horror, eye trauma, physical and emotional torture, and cannibalism. Should any of these contents trigger you, please refer to the separate page on this journal so I can avoid that context for you.
SPOILER WARNING!! This application contains spoilers for the Tokyo Ghoul manga up until its conclusion in Chapter 143. If you wish to preserve yourself from spoilers, please refer to the separate page on this journal so I can try my hardest to keep them away from you.
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kaneki “hannibal lecture” ken (金木 研)